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it all started with my camera.

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SAV Quarterback 7933

CCR 707 Cowboy

Sitz Dollar Up 489Z

Vin-Mar Johnny Cash 3513

GAR Ashland

TC Touchdown 772

VAR Demand 6149

Bar R Jet Black 5063

TC Cut Above 426

Calved 02/18/12 • AAA 17175957

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Calved 01/30/13 • AAA 17608412

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Calved 01/22/14 • AAA 17934580

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Calved 07/30/15 • AAA 18389838

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Calved 01/28/16 • AAA 18376124

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Calved 01/29/07 • AAA 15834705

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Calved 01/12/14 • ASA 2882669

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Calved 01/01/17 • AAA 18913003

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Calved 01/31/15 • AAA 18217198

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Deer Valley Ramp Up 5812

Calved 10/03/15 • AAA 18510792

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SydGen Resolve 7132

Calved 1/18/17 • AAA 18769311

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Connealy Maternal Made

Calved 1/24/17 • AAA 18869400

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Deer Valley Growth Fund

 BUBS Southern Charm AA31

Calved 01/22/17 • AAA 18827828

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Calved 10/31/13 • AAA 17853196

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MGR Treasure 5017


Calved 01/17/15 • AAA 18156972

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Calved 01/08/19 • AAA 19401188

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Baldridge SR Goalkeeper

High Point Signal

Calved 01/07/19 • AAA 19356243

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Calved 01/20/18 • AAA 19186529

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Calved 01/22/14 • ASA 2891336

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Calved 01/22/17 • ASA 3253742

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Calved 01/31/19 • ASA 3603651

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Sitz Galactic 723G

Calved 1/28/19 • AAA 19393010

Calved 2/12/20 • AAA 19902000

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-Kevin and Anita Duckworth

"We have been purchasing bulls from the Oswald family since the early '90s. We believe the quality of the cattle improves each and every year. We say to each other every year, 'This has got to be the best set of bulls yet.' The quality genetics that we have added to our herd is proven by our ability to receive top dollar for our cattle. Brian's knowledge of the Angus breed is second to none. The time and effort that he dedicates to his herd and customers is proof of his passion for the cattle industry. He spends time with us every year to ensure we make the best decisions regarding our bull purchases. The concern he shows us before, during and after our purchase is genuine and much appreciated."


You captured me so well! I never thought I was photogenic. Thanks for making me look fabulous!



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